Expanding Immersive Experiences

My latest trend alert is about some of the most likely candidates for mainstream adoption of devices that will immerse users in their digital experiences much more than current technologies.


By Dennis Draeger

Virtual reality is back with better graphics, better hardware, and more applications. Several technologies will soon be released to the general market to further immerse mainstream users in their digital experiences while expanding the applications of virtual reality.

What is changing?

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox with an enhanced Kinect that promises a faster response rate and more precise body tracking—reading fingers, facial expressions, and even the user’s heart rate. Although the Nintendo Wii introduced a mainstream audience to gesture control, Microsoft’s Kinect removed the controllers entirely and ignited more innovations from researchers as far afield as medical diagnostics and telepresence, and the new Kinect will likely enable more innovations through its improvements. Since the Kinect debut, several companies have offered similar devices such as Leap Motion that will allow users to control their PCs or other devices without a mouse, remote, or other controller. These…

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  1. The meaning of such games for thiasrumannsm is that it is becoming not just some nerdish futuristic tales but a part of life. Today virtually everyone knows who are elves and orcs and dragons etc, but very few know anything about the exponential rate of progress, AI, NBIC and prospectives of longevity. And people will rather get known of that not from nerdish literature, but from their cool game experience. Transhumanism is becoming popular, it’s becoming part of our culture. In Russian-speaking world many transhumanists began thinking of such things after having read Yu. Nikitin’s Transhuman . And games today are even more attractive to fans than books.On the other hand, the meaning of H+ for game industry is brand new gameplay experience that such games can bring. The concept of ego+morph changing, for example, is quite interesting. It’s becoming dull to play forever the same elves vs orcs vs humans vs undeads fantasy stuff, and traditional space opera SciFi is not far from that. Trying to play a transhuman is much more interesting. Besides, this goes far beyond just playing. Ultimately, playing is becoming the main cultural mechanism of our time. What to do, what goals to set, who to become and how to achieve all of this for the common good — the creations of yesterday, once written, are losing the answer for ever-chaning reality, and only real-time game experience today may hold the answer how to live tomorrow in RL. Because games and RL are ultimately becoming one.

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