My latest trend alert on how the space industry is attracting more consumers as prices slowly but steadily decline.


By Dennis Draeger

Space technology is increasingly driven by the private sector, and costs are dropping while opportunities for research and investment open to a broader market. Now, the consumer sector is beginning to emerge in the space industry.


Previous trend alerts, Satellites to the rescue & New space decade, have focused respectively on the increasing benefit of satellites on the global economy and the new technology driving an expanding space industry. However, citizen scientists, open source engineers, and students are contributing to innovation and significant scientific research, and a consumer grade space industry is not far behind. This consumer sector could help advance the space industry as a whole while making space exploration a more immediate reality for a wider population.

What is changing?

While large corporations are promising space tourism in the very near future, the costs begin at $95,000 and run upwards to $250,000 for…

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