A VERY quick look at the potential for digital scent technology in consumer electronics.


By Dennis Draeger, Aiglatson Foresight Research

Various scent technologies have been introduced several times to the consumer electronics market with promises of deeper immersion in virtual experiences, but none of the gadgets have shown much success. Recent research points to the eventual development of new devices that could make a deeper impact on the mainstream market with potential for improving the health of end users and optimizing electronic marketing. Is digital scent technology ready for primetime?


The most commonly known effect of scent is probably for stimulating memory, and studies have indicated that aromatherapy can significantly aid the treatment of dementia patients. In fact, the olfactory nerve is very close to the areas of the brain both for emotions and memories which also makes it a very powerful target for advertisers. Besides the health benefits, incorporating scent into digital interactions—whether on TV, the internet, or phones—would help consumers…

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