I had been wanting to write publicly about this topic for a couple of years. The MIT breakthrough with ionics was the primary reason I thought now was the right time. It’s implications for health, cleantech, etc. make it very exciting, and I’ll be following their progress with great anticipation.



By Dennis D. Draeger, Aiglatson Foresight Research

Electronics exploits the charge of electrons, but experimental scientists are innovating on this idea by focusing instead on other characteristics of electrons such as their spin or entirely different particles such as atoms and ions. If these new fields can be developed for commercial use, they will revolutionize the present applications of electronics.


The entire electronics industry is approaching a considerable shake up as Moore’s Law nears its inevitable tipping point. However, new ways of processing information are on their way, and these electronics spinoff fields will develop devices with reduced power consumption, increased speed, and greater functionality at reduced costs while enabling a broad range of new applications.

What is changing?

Electronics has produced several spinoff fields of study. An early example is photonics which began in the 1960s by using light to perform the same functions as electronics…

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