Aigltason Foresight Research

AFR helps organizations expand, create, and maintain their futures. The world never stops changing and organizations must prepare for future changes if they expect to achieve their potential. We use strategic foresight methods to better prepare public and private sector clients for the future.

Who we are?

AFR is headed up by Dennis Draeger in sunny Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Since receiving his master of technology in strategic foresight in 2009 at the University of Houston, he has consulted with local SMEs, global corporations, and government agencies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. As a network organization, we have access to some of the greatest minds in foresight and other industries.

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We work longterm with heads of departments and organizations both public and private to improve the value of their organization. We perform a range of services devoted to helping organizations envision and achieve their preferred future. Our primary service is consulting and coaching on strategy and planning. Horizon scanning, trend analysis, scenario analysis, and report writing are common added services. We also conduct workshops and facilitate strategic conversations among stakeholders.


We help organizations manage and exploit the unpredictable through a combination of well-established methods including:

Strategic planning/ Implementation management/ Strategic foresight/ Horizon scanning/ Trendspotting/ Scenario analysis/ Systems thinking/ Plausible futures forecasting/ Preferred future visioning/ Backcasting/ Innovation network building

AFR custom tailors each project to the needs of the individual organization. While certain trends and developments will affect all organizations, AFR maintains strict confidentiality and creates a unique product specifically for each organization.

What is Strategic Foresight?

Strategic Foresight is the application of the multidisciplinary theories of Futures Studies. It delves deeper, stretches wider, and envisions further into an organization’s future from which to build a more sustainable strategy complete with multiple contingency scenarios. Foresight is not about prediction. It is about preparation. Predicting a single future is ridiculous. However, there are practical methods of scouting potential and effectively using contingencies.


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