We work longterm with heads of departments and organizations both public and private to improve the value of their organization. We perform a range of services devoted to helping organizations envision and achieve their preferred future. Our primary service is helping organizations develop and implement their plans and strategies for the future. Horizon scanning, trend analysis, scenario analysis, and report writing are common added services. We also conduct workshops and facilitate strategic conversations among stakeholders.


We help organizations manage and exploit the unpredictable through a combination of well-established methods including:

Implementation management/ Strategic foresight/ Horizon scanning/ Trendspotting/ Scenario analysis/ Systems thinking/ Plausible futures forecasting/ Preferred future visioning/ Backcasting/ Innovation network building

Aiglatson custom tailors each project to the needs of the individual organization. While certain trends and developments will affect all organizations, We maintain strict confidentiality and creates a unique product specifically for each organization.

What is Strategic Foresight?

Strategic Foresight is the application of the multidisciplinary theories of Futures Studies which is often used to bolster a strategic plan. In comparison to strategic planning; it delves deeper, stretches wider, and envisions further into an organization’s future from which to build a more sustainable strategy complete with multiple scenarios. It can help organizations mitigate risks and identify opportunities they would not have otherwise noticed. Foresight is not about prediction. It is about preparation. Predicting a single future is ridiculous. However, there are practical methods of scouting potential and effectively using contingencies.


Expand your Horizon+Business+Future

Expanding your future entails a broadening of your organization’s perspective of your business, industry, and the world. Organizations are too often blindsided by circumstances beyond their worldview. We help you see the wider picture of what is happening in the world with the deeper implications to your business further in the future–broader, deeper, farther. So, your organization is better prepared for contingencies and opportunities for growth. Specifically, we provide research on trends and plausible events to form scenarios from which your organization can improve its strategy.


Create your Vision+Strategy+Future 

Creating your future entails building a vision and a preferred future scenario. Every organization needs a vision to inspire cooperation among its stakeholders. A vision is a small thing, but it informs your organization’s culture which determines its success. Vision is the tail that wags the dog. The preferred future scenario illustrates a future (10-20 years hence) in which your vision is being or has been achieved. It helps inform strategy development to exploit opportunities and achieve the desired outcome. Most importantly, the preferred future scenario can be the catalyst to drive innovation in your organization. It can turn risks into opportunities.


Maintain your Potential+Growth+Future 

Although building a great strategic plan is important, so too is cultivating an innovative culture within your organization. That doesn’t happen overnight. So, you need to take the time to maintain your future by optimizing your culture. With continued horizon scanning and workshops, your people can become fully engaged as strategists for your organization. This doesn’t need to be intensive, but it does need to be regulated. For SMEs and smaller NGOs, regular meetings with the owner and sometimes a few staff will help jump-start success in the business. For corporates and other types of organizations, meetings can occur less often but still at regular intervals. Without regular maintenance, strategic plans falter and are eventually forgotten.