Expand your Horizon+Business+Future

Expanding your future entails a broadening of your organization’s perspective of your business, industry, and the world. Organizations are too often blindsided by circumstances beyond their worldview. We help you see the wider picture of what is happening in the world with the deeper implications to your business further in the future–broader, deeper, farther. So, your organization is better prepared for contingencies and opportunities for growth. Specifically, we provide research on trends and plausible events to form scenarios from which your organization can improve its strategy.

Create your Vision+Strategy+Future

Creating your future entails a building of a preferred future scenario. Every organization needs vision to cultivate cooperation among its stakeholders. The preferred scenario helps inform strategy development to exploit opportunities and achieve the desired outcome.

Maintain your Potential+Growth+Future

Maintaining the future is not just managing it. Management is about balance, but maintenance is about optimization. We can help your organization keep its strategy and its brand current and relevant through horizon scanning and innovation network building. Sustainability is a delicate balance between efficiency and resilience born of diversity. It is this diversity and its balance with efficiency from which the future unfolds.


We help organizations manage and exploit the unpredictable through a combination of well-established methods including:

Horizon scanning/ Trend spotting/ Scenario analysis/ Systems thinking/ Plausible futures forecasting/ Preferred future visioning/ Backcasting/ Strategic planning/ Innovation network building

AFR custom tailors each project to the needs of the individual organization. While certain trends and developments will affect all organizations, AFR maintains strict confidentiality and creates a unique product specifically for each organization.



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