An overview of futures & foresight in government agencies around the world with Ross Dawson

In 2014 Sweden made headlines as the first nation to appoint a Minister for the Future, Kristina Persson. Unfortunately, her role only lasted for a year and a half. Sweden’s experience with long-term planning at such a high level is common. Many governments spend a few months to a year thinking about the long-term future before taking a break.

Member Post for Association of Professional Futurists

The following is a member post written by Dennis Draeger and originally posted on the disaster preparedness website, Prepare with Foresight. It is a trend alert that playfully looks at how some emerging technologies might be used during disasters. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily of the APF or its… via … Continue reading Member Post for Association of Professional Futurists

10 Companies Helping You Navigate Smart Cities in 2018

Often, driving around cities is hectic enough without having to worry about parking, even in smart cities. However, smart parking services are simplifying the parking environment. Some are using peer-to-peer technology to allow homeowners to offer their front lawns for a fee. Other companies are a little more sophisticated with sensors, computer-vision, and analytics. To … Continue reading 10 Companies Helping You Navigate Smart Cities in 2018

10 Companies Making Traffic Smarter in 2018

As cities expand, roads usually expand as well, but they can't grow indefinitely. In fact, building more roads doesn’t always solve anything. Instead, these 10 companies are working to make roads smarter. Eventually, the smarter roads become, the fewer roads cities will need. To see my full list, please click through to Daily Disruptor: