An overview of futures & foresight in government agencies around the world with Ross Dawson

In 2014 Sweden made headlines as the first nation to appoint a Minister for the Future, Kristina Persson. Unfortunately, her role only lasted for a year and a half. Sweden’s experience with long-term planning at such a high level is common. Many governments spend a few months to a year thinking about the long-term future before taking a break.

Wellbeing as a policy objective

Ever since the 70s when the king of Bhutan suggested the idea of a Gross National Happiness metric to replace the Gross National Product, academics and politicians have explored the notion of softer research for measuring national progress. The UN developed their Human Development Programme which provided a much broader set of indices for nations … Continue reading Wellbeing as a policy objective

Obama?!?! McCain?!?! Need help deciding? The Futures of the US is a wetpaint wiki populated by a class of eight in the University of Houston's Futures Studies program. I contributed to the Immigration issue. The other issues featured are Budget, Climate, Energy, Globalization, Health, Infrastructure, and soon to come is Foreign Affairs. Each topic is divided into six pages. … Continue reading Obama?!?! McCain?!?! Need help deciding?