Obama?!?! McCain?!?! Need help deciding?


The Futures of the US is a wetpaint wiki populated by a class of eight in the University of Houston’s Futures Studies program. I contributed to the Immigration issue. The other issues featured are Budget, Climate, Energy, Globalization, Health, Infrastructure, and soon to come is Foreign Affairs. Each topic is divided into six pages. Each starts with a general overview and continues with terms, things to know, forecasts, candidate positions, and resources. So you will see why the issue is important presently and what its plausible impacts are for the future. You will also see what each candidate says about the issue and the significance of their decisions. It is a great resource, and a good link site for further information.

The website was originally started to help educators teach kids about the coming elections. Likewise, it is intended to help students think about the future beyond their next assignment. Educators may also wish to view the accompanying site, http://foresighteducation.wetpaint.com/?t=anon.

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