An overview of futures & foresight in government agencies around the world with Ross Dawson

In 2014 Sweden made headlines as the first nation to appoint a Minister for the Future, Kristina Persson. Unfortunately, her role only lasted for a year and a half. Sweden’s experience with long-term planning at such a high level is common. Many governments spend a few months to a year thinking about the long-term future before taking a break.

The Cultural Lag of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is much like the internet in the mid-90s. They compare because both are complex technologies that have been poorly communicated by experts. The industry needs a good spokesperson who understands the technicalities but can also communicate with the uninitiated. Most importantly, the industry needs someone who can provide a balanced and realistic view … Continue reading The Cultural Lag of Blockchain

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings in Asia

Writing about strategic foresight in plain language was certainly more difficult than I expected. However, I finally feel like I can write my foresight book. I have a topic, and at least five of the chapters will be based in large part on these articles--without all the disaster preparedness stuff of course. However, that book … Continue reading A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings in Asia

Black Swans and Other Cliches

My articles for Prepare with Foresight have been focused on communicating strategic foresight in very everyday language. I'm not always convinced I've stripped my writing of academic or professional jargon without patronizing my audience. However, strategic foresight is not enough of a household concept yet to be able to communicate it without a little jargon. Here's … Continue reading Black Swans and Other Cliches