Approaching Androids

An android is a robot that resembles a human, and their potential applications include customer service, communication technologies, education, and health care. Japan has produced a number of androids, but they still only look like humans. They still feel, smell, sound, and presumably taste synthetic. My latest trend alert shows where researchers are advancing in … Continue reading Approaching Androids

Engaging Employee Emotions–Author Commentary

Shaping Tomorrow has published my latest trend alert, Engaging Employee Emotions. This blog post is not a reprint of that trend alert. Please read it first, and if you have time, I hope you can read the blog post too. Casual Friday is an everyday experience for many successful companies and a dead fad for … Continue reading Engaging Employee Emotions–Author Commentary

Should the WHO apologize for the swine flu pandemic?

As a horizon scanner, I saw how the swine flu epidemic built up in the press. I saw the story that Canada was concerned about some people who had recently returned from Mexico with a strange flu. I also saw the story the very next day about a few boys in southern California who had … Continue reading Should the WHO apologize for the swine flu pandemic?