Below is my submission for the APF’s World Futures Day poetry slam. Please click the link to understand the purpose of the poem. Speak Future is actually a redux of another poem of mine, They Sent Us Their Dreams, and I am working on another that should be more conforming with the themes of the Speak Future Twitter chat. Perhaps tomorrow.

Speak Future
As we lift the veil to the undiscovered country
As we open the door into summer

Speak Future
Before they sing our songs and perform our plays
Before we inject them with our desires

Speak Future
Lest we hijack their present for the sake of our dreams
Lest we rob them of a future unsettled and multiplicitous

Speak Future
For our lives sacrificed on the mechanized altar of progress
For our responsibilities to lead and build their world

Speak Future
We belong on the horizon
We belong to tomorrow









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