Here are a few quick answers to some of the questions we have received about the Gists we publish with Shaping Tomorrow.


The response from our Gist reports has been greater than we expected, and we have received feedback from a variety of clients and colleagues. One client was very happy with our wearables Gist and the custom Gists we created for them in a similar style:

“I found the wearables Gist very interesting and passed it around to several colleagues who also really liked the content and format of the report. We like that it is short and concise and provides a nice ‘snapshot’ of a particular issue/topic. [One of the custom Gists] has become required reading for the whole agency.” –Researchers within a North American government agency

However, some people have had questions about the Gist reports, and we will answer a few of these in this blog post.

What are Gists?

Many people were confused about the grammatical appropriateness of the term, Gist. The verb “to gist” is often used in…

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