We have just launched a new type of research report, Gists, which will help you get your team all on the same page. Gists provide a brief overview of the current and expected future status of each monthly topic. Each Gist includes an introduction to the topic, a literature review using our Indicators, and a suggested framework for scenario development.

Gists will help you quickly and conveniently appraise the future of a topic, and they will keep you and your organization abreast of issues important to a variety of industries throughout the year. At only 5-10 pages long, they can be shared with a larger team who can quickly assess the implications of each topic for your organization, and Gists are much less expensive than other high level, in-depth reports. Future Gists will only cost US$40, and a year subscription of 12 Gists will be US$400. Plus, you may order…

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