Horizon Scanning, etc.

I have not been active on this blog for about a year. I’ve been very busy. I have moved to New Zealand on a permanent basis. I have gotten married. And I have been working on multiple projects. I have continued some of my work with C/Fe Records, but the biggest project I have been working on is a horizon scanning project through Shaping Tomorrow with a client in Southeast Asia.

For the past year, I have been scanning everyday for nine hits a day as per the contract. As part of the contract, my focus has been scanning for weak signals of Disruptive Technology, trends in Information/ Communication, and monitoring developments in Healthcare particularly with regards to epidemics. While this sounds easy, there is always more involved than expected.

As if moving, getting married, and consulting with two very different companies isn’t enough, I’ve also been trying to work on my novel and trying to keep my poetic pen moving. Both are reasonably easy when visiting a foreign country, but living in one I’ve visited many times is proving to make writing more complicated especially living with my wife in a small apartment. The apartment is at least bigger than the single room we had in Seoul.

Now that the wedding and honeymoon and visa and all that stuff are finished, I am hoping to keep this blog going. I want to post bits of my trend reports and my views on some of the more important scanning hits.

My biggest interest at the moment is quantum computing. Applications of quantum physics are always interesting, but the quantum computer seems to inch closer and closer to the market every month, but we are still years–if not decades– away from seeing it. One way or another, I need more study, scanning, and analysis for me to really attempt to postulate an ETA and develop a more significant report on implications.

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