In May of 2012, my son was born. As a result, I have not only been busy being a father, but I have also been busy attracting as many projects as I could handle and working almost everyday. I can only remember having about 7 days off since my son was born, and so non-profitable activities like my semi-personal blogging has fallen by the wayside while I have tried to remain a devoted husband and father.

Just allocating the time to republish previously written trend alerts has been difficult, but I have finally found some time today to catch up. has now been updated with all of my trend alerts that were published for Shaping Tomorrow and also in InnovationManagement. In the intervening months, I’ve contributed to projects about big data, transnational crime, megacities, connecting the internet-of-things, and marine technology & issues. I also worked on projects concerning retail trends, travel trends, and radio listening trends.

The trend alerts which I missed are:

  • Innovating Nature is about geoengineering 
  • Internet of the Sea  is about efforts to connect sensors and unique identifiers all over the ocean
  • Future Funerals is about some of the innovative ways companies are developing to improve human internment
  • Modern Memorials is…well, let me republish that one here because I am especially proud of it
  • Personal Power Ups is the most recent and is about harnessing energy created by the human body

Well, that catches me up for 2012 for the most part. I am certain I have forgotten a few things, but I still have an article out waiting to be published and a couple of books waiting to be finished.



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