About AFR

Why Aiglatson Foresight Research?
AFR helps organizations maintain their future. The world never stops changing and organizations must prepare for future changes if they expect to cultivate their potential. We use strategic foresight methods to better prepare public, private, and voluntary sector clients for the future. As a network organization, we have access to some of the greatest minds in foresight and other industries.

Why Strategic Foresight?
Strategic Foresight is the application of the multidisciplinary theories of Futures Studies. It delves deeper, stretches wider, and envisions farther into an organization’s future from which to build a more sustainable strategy complete with multiple contingency scenarios. Foresight is not about prediction. It is about preparation. Predicting a single future is ridiculous. However, there are practical methods of scouting potential and effectively using contingencies.

Who we are?

AFR is headed up by Dennis Draeger. He is a global citizen who is currently based in New Zealand. After finishing his master’s in Futures Studies from University of Houston, he benchmarked one of the pre-eminent strategic foresight consultancies in Asia-Pacific, Next Corporation out of Auckland. He has also worked under Sheila Moorcroft of Research for Tomorrow, Today out of London. His portfolio includes work with SMEs, government agencies, and global corporations. Please view our projects page for more information.

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University of Houston Futures Studies alumni

  1. hi there cool story!

    i am in a similar position and am seriously looking closely at taking the masters program in houston. could i ask you a couple questions? (i dont see an email on this page)


    • I’m in Christchurch where there is a lot of talk about the future, and I’m now thinking about studying Futures Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Do you know the program? What’s your opinion of it?

  2. Hi Dennis

    I’m planning to start the UH course next year and would love to get some advice from you about it, if you have a moment. (I am a Kiwi, though currently based in London.)

    Hope to hear from you


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