How to Lose Weight Like a Man

Obese men are much more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Do you need any more motivation to lose wait other than that?

The only way to lose weight is to adopt a lifestyle of eating healthier and exercising more. You need to change your bad habits into a healthy routine. However, what is the best weight loss workout routine? That largely depends on your needs. What do you want to achieve—a slim body, a toned body, a ripping body of muscle, or just improved general health?

All men are not created equal physically, but the average is easily benchmarked. Of course, most men’s health articles sport photos of steroid abusers with huge muscles, short fuses, and (probably) small balls. Here is a list of effective weight loss plans for men who want to be healthy (and virile).

For beginners

Getting started is often the hardest part. Whether you want to get fit exercising or you just want to lose weight, here are a couple of good methods for doing so.

Men’s Beginner Workout Plan

Regardless of the routine you want to adopt, it is easy to get burnt out especially when you are just starting out. Whether this would be your first workout routine or your first in a very long time, you want to ease yourself into it. has a great weight loss workout plan for beginners.

They advise that you stay rested. Your rest and recovery days are just as important as your workout days. Just make sure you only rest either according to the plan or according to your physical needs. You need to keep a consistent routine in order to succeed.

Man v Fat

Ever notice how most weight loss programs are focused on women? A big Buddha belly may not be every man’s burden, but obesity in men is just as prevalent as it is in women. And the only thing more humiliating for a man than having ED would be joining a group of women to lose weight.

Well, Man v Fat is a great weight loss workout plan for beginners, and it’s clearly targeted at helping men fight the battle of the bulge. You should probably start with their health checker.

Then you can read the book Man v Fat: The Weight-Loss Manual. The book spells out understanding how you became fat, learning ways to lose weight, and creating a winning structure. The book is kind of like making a strategic plan to lose weight.

When you are ready to sign up for free, you can join an accountability group along with four other men in the Man v Fat online forum. The group will be private, and you are welcome to share as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable. You can even remain completely anonymous if you prefer. The average man loses 8-9 pounds in the first 30 days, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free!

So what do you have to do? You will post twice a day to your group’s private forum. First, you’ll need to post what you ate and drank each day along with any activities you did. The second post you will need to make each day is for asking questions, encouraging team mates, etc.

Building momentum

Once you’ve lost some weight and hopefully started working your muscles, you can move on to a more intense workout. In fact, the best way to lose weight is to build muscle. Cardio workouts are great for building general health and endurance, but you need to replace your fat with muscle.

Active says that a Penn State study showed how weight lifters lost more weight than people following aerobic routines or a mix of aerobic and weight training routines. A Harvard study showed that weight trainers had a lower increase in abdominal fat than those following aerobic routines. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees that those with muscle burn more calories even when resting.

For men with intermediate health, there are a variety of weight loss workout routines to follow at You can even customize their search so that you get the right routine for your purposes. They have 64 Intermediate routines for men.


That’s right the best weight loss workout routine is about becoming stronger, not just thinner. Get the running start you need with the beginner courses above, and then move on to this strongman weight loss program from

These routines are not just about building muscle mass. They are about becoming stronger. Too often, men building huge bulging muscles but fail to compete effectively in strength tests. Have you seen any strongman events on TV? You know the type where guys are pulling off some amazing feats that you don’t see in the Olympics like flipping over cars. Ever dreamed that could be you? Why can’t it? It’s one of the best ways to lose weight!

So if you want to eventually build up to pulling a bus or flipping huge tractor tires, this is the routine for you. In order to do that stuff, you’re going to have to drop some pounds, and the routine will help you do just that. Your goal is to activate several muscle groups at the same time. The best thing about the strongman routine is that these are practical exercises. You may never need to lift a log, but you will be better prepared for a disaster situation than if you just lifted weights.


If you have already succeeded with a number of methods for losing weight and building muscle, you may still want to slim it down a little more to optimize your muscle mass. Muscle and Fitness have a meal plan that will help you look like a ripped bodybuilder in just 28 days. This meal plan was developed by Jim Juge, a bodybuilding nutrition consultant. This is a meal plan is a traditional bodybuilding competitor’s diet, but Juge has adapted it for non-competitors. He says that diet is 65% of reaching your goals.


There is advice for losing weight everywhere. Just like the advice for making money, much of it is non-sense. Even when the advice is given by someone who succeeded in losing weight, it doesn’t mean their advice will work for you. You need to research the many weight loss workout plans for men to find the one that will help you reach your goal. Remember to stay hydrated and maintain you rest and recovery days.




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